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“Infinity Ag Solutions™ is a specialized agricultural service company providing biological solutions by utilizing microbial soil and foliar amendments. Formulations are custom designed for increasing crop yield and health, improving soil ecology and economics by reducing the growers’ reliance on chemicals and pesticides.”


Infinity Ag Solutions is a Florida based sustainable agricultural company aimed at supporting farmer productivity. We are focused on helping farmers produce more from their land by helping improve their soil ecology. Through the fusion of biology and chemistry we focus on the science to determine efficacy and good stewardship for all our products. This hybrid approach helps farmers conserve more of the world’s natural resources by pioneering alternative ways of crop production thru the utilization of soil microbiology.

We believe that growing food should be natural and safe, for you and the planet. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to create our products, with sustainability and environmental tenancy at our core. In the laboratory or on the farm, we are committed to supporting growers and our communities, as partners in productivity.

The Infinity Ag Solutions Applied


Human security has and will continue to rely on Earths diverse soil resources. Yet we have now exploited the planet’s most productive soils. Soil erosion greatly exceeds rates of soil production.

IAS-microbial products can give a grower potential to gain higher yields (20%) with preliminary tests indicating marked improvement and a decrease in chemicals use while diversifying biological communities and soil organic matter. This will allow an emergence of a biologically diverse – nonpathogenic soil ecosystem.


For centuries, farming practices have ignored the plant-microbe symbiotic relationships by utilizing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides that are destructive to the soil microcosm.

Growers generally use fertilizers as their crop insurance, among other things. It is relatively cheap insurance and proven to work. Hence, they are reluctant to reduce their inputs. However, since the nutrient uptake can be significantly improved by application of biologicals, farmer yields have improved using IAS biological products.

The IAS programs are structured around establishing a symbiotic plant-microbe system in which the plants will provide nutrients for the microbes in the form of exudates while the microbes protect and support plant health by unlocking bound nutrients in the exchange. Unlocking bound nutrients not only increases nutrient availability, but promotes higher nutrient efficiency due to enhanced biological fixation.


The use of vast chemical inputs and water in agriculture has reached an economic point of diminishing returns and has many negative consequences such as harm to pollinators, cross contamination of drinking water sources and eutrophication. Simply put, scaling up current high input agricultural systems with more of the same is not feasible.

The applications of multi-organism biologicals has potential to lessen weather dependent yield variations and reduce pressure for supplemental applications that increase cost and environmental consequence.

IAS believes that the solution to closing yield gaps is through promoting a focused approach on growing healthier soil ecosystems. Farm trials utilizing our programs have demonstrated increased plant health and a reduction in the incidence of diseases ultimately leading to higher productivity, and in some cases earlier harvest and less dependence on traditional fertilizer and pesticide applications. Our main benefit to the grower is that they can maintain and increase productivity while reducing applications of traditional crop inputs ultimately saving the grower’s resources and making a lasting impact on soil and plant health.

Benefits of IAS Technology

  • Regeneration of soil ecology: IAS products promote a balanced soil ecosystem through calculated coinoculations with pre-selected plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) that improve soil organic matter and aggregation, cycle and mobilize nutrients for plant uptake, and provides plants with growth promoting factors capable to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Restoration of the phytomicrobiome with teams of PGPB in order to establish a symbiotic relationship and the restoration of the rhizomicrobiome is the primary purpose behind the IAS platform formulations. (IAS team)
  • Improved soil structure and permeability: Dense bacterial populations per gram of soil promotes soil aggregation and stability by increasing soil organic matter (SOM) upon consistent applications. Soil aggregation helps to improve nutrient cycling, air and water movement and water permeation. This is extremely important to growers with deep-water wells or low water quality wells that have disrupted the soil structure through conventional irrigation and agricultural practices.
  • Reduction in leaf litter and organic debris: Bacterial metabolic processes permit the decomposition of lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose through enzymatic degradation speeding up the decomposition process of organic debris, leaf litter and thatch.
  • Reduction in the incidence of disease: IAS laboratory staff, through rigorous assays and field trials, have screened and selected bacterial strains that exhibited antifungal activity against common fungal pathogens (Rhizoctonia s., Botrytis c., Bipolaris s., Sclerotinia h., Waitea c., etc…) and reduced the incidence in migratory plant pathogenic nematodes (Sting, Lance and Stubby-root).
  • Increased plant production and yields: By reducing pathogens and incidents of disease while also creating a healthy living soil structure, plants treated with our products are better able to uptake nutrients and ultimately grow stronger, faster and produce higher yields.
  • Reduction in fertilizer consumption and associated costs: Bacteria restrict nutrient leaching by sequestration, immobilization or mineralization within and around the root zone. This functionality allows the grower to maximize their fertilizer effectiveness which leads to a reduction in the overall amount of inputs that are required to grow a crop. IAS bacterial strains undergo a variety of assays and have been selected based on their functions such as the ability to “unlock” bound nutrients such as phosphorous and sulfur, iron sequestration through siderophore assimilation, nitrogen fixation, ammonification and nitrification, chitin degradation and solubilization, indoleacetic acid synthesis, etc… Soils with weak microbiota cycle nutrients poorly deeming them immobilized which in turn become unavailable to the plants and end up leeching from the root zone over time that end up in the environment and cost the grower the expense of having to add more fertilizer more frequently to sustain crop production and productivity.
  • Worker safe and environmentally friendly products: We do not use harsh chemicals or components in formulating our products. The end user of our product cannot burn, over-use or harm his crop with our products and any potential application liability is extremely limited from the worker safety point of view.
  • Locally researched, manufactured, marketed and delivered microbial products: IAS offers products designed around delivering real results for local growers that have been researched, formulated, and manufactured in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • More living microbiology delivered per acre compared to competition: Our platform technology allows us to produce a consortium of pre-determined rhizobacteria species at dense populations higher than any other products available on the market. We have found incidents of our products containing up to 250,000 times more CFU’s (colony forming units) per milliliter than currently marketed products.
  • Better value to the grower: With our low cost manufacturing process and ability to serve the local market directly, we can offer extremely competitive pricing allowing the grower to replace other inputs while achieving better results.
  • Microbiology laboratory capable of diagnostic soil analysis and research needs: Being locally accessible to our consumers adds value to our products through the support functions our lab offers. This aspect of our business model makes us unique and will appeal to growers well beyond the sales process.
  • Partnership with a supporting team striving for excellence: The IAS core team is comprised of knowledgeable, experienced, and hard-working members dedicated to making a positive impact in crop production through microbiological and biotechnological processes in order to optimize a consortium of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria – “the original active ingredients” within the soil.

The Team at
Infinity Ag Solutions

Gary Winrow | Founder



“Everyone has a gift,” says Gary Winrow. “The question for me has always been, how do we get people to act on those gifts?” The former Wake Forest football captain and ACC champion applied that strategic line of thinking to a construction management career that took him from Florida to Colorado building golf courses, drilling wells, and cleaning environmentally contaminated properties. Restless in retirement four years ago and eager to leave a more meaningful legacy, he founded Florida Urban Organics, Infinity Ag Solutions, and the international nonprofit iSee­d. On seeing his efforts come to fruition: “I wish I were 20 years younger.”

Paul Amazeen, Ph.D. | President and CEO


Dr. Amazeen is a senior executive developing new businesses based on innovative products. His experience includes corporate management responsibilities with special emphasis on identification of market needs and meeting those needs through technology, business strategic planning, new product development, market introduction and international sales.
He held new business management positions at Raytheon Company (Nuclear Medicine equipment) and General Electric (started Diagnostic Ultrasound and brought the first three GE products to market). He is an experienced entrepreneur as founder, president and CEO of four high-tech start-up companies. For investors, he has managed the turn around and profitable sale of two troubled technology companies.

Tom Winrow | Vice President


Tom has been involved with the business development of Selovita for the past year and a half and has helped guide the start-up from its infancy to its current position. As a former professional baseball player for one of the most successful franchises in all of sports, the New York Yankees, he knows how to be a team player and discipline his activities to succeed.

He earned a Business Marketing degree from the University of North Florida, and has the ability to quickly understand markets and the potential within them to strategically formulate and execute plans to capitalize on opportunities. As a Fort Myers native, he has many ties to the local agricultural community and is passionate about engaging them to achieve long term success through a conscience effort to shift their way of thinking about how they manufacture their crops while limiting environmental impacts. He is poised to lead and grow Infinity Ag Solutions to a leader in the agricultural bio-tech market.

Valerie Vivian-Rogers | Microbiologist



Valerie holds a MS in Biological Science from Mississippi State University and a BS in Biological Science from Central Michigan University. She authored a paper on “Agar Dilution and Broth Micro dilution Methods of Anaerobic Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing” published in Anaerobe and has been a co-author on several other scientific papers. She is a member and previous officer of the Society of Industrial Microbiology. Valerie is an accomplished lab manager and scientist experienced in exceeding performance goals for established and startup companies as well as a highly skilled microbiologist, prepared to play a key role driving successful intellectual property commercialization of emerging technologies in the environmental and agrochemical industry.

Her focus is applying skills to help in development of a soil amendment using key Bacillus strains important to agriculture and turf grass health. Currently she is screening in-house strains of Bacillus for antifungal activity against several plant pathogenic fungi. Furthermore, she has trained in plant-pathogenic nematode identification from Clemson University with the ability to assay before-during-after treatment of products combating nematodes in the soil.

Esa Ontermaa: VP Product Development, Research, and Commercialization



Esa holds a MS degree in Chemistry from the University Of Helsinki, Finland and has full term service in the Finnish Coastal Artillery with an Honorary Discharge. His in-depth knowledge of crop protection and production comes from high level managerial positions with over 35 years of experience, 19 of which comes from working in large corporate settings researching such crops as citrus, vegetables, sod, and sugarcane. In addition to serving as Product Specialist and Crop Protection and Research Coordinator, he has been employed in the academia sector working for University of Florida, IFAS in Immokalee, FL as an analytical chemist responsible for building and managing soil, leaf and water testing for agricultural research and, as an adjunct faculty for Edison Community College.
Esa’s core accomplishments include: crop production and plant nutrition; SAR triggering and efficiency research; Product and service development; soil conditioning for citrus and vegetable production; environmental fate of nutrients both in sandy and muck soils; Variable Rate Technology for tree inventory and crop estimating; and GIS data and reporting systems for large farming operations.

Core Collaborators at
Infinity Ag Solutions

Dr. Christine Eddy

Molecular Microbiologist, Professor of Biology North Greenville University

Dr. Rocco Alessandro

Retired USDA Chemist, Ft. Pierce, FL

Dr. Juan Landivar Bowles

Professor and Center Director, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center

Dr. Henry Yonce

President KAG Agriculture

Dr. Hong

Soil Ecologist, USDA, Ft. Pierce

“What started out as limited turf trials on our par 3 tees and fairways in the spring of 2017, have now been expanded to the entire course applied through our fertigation system.”

Phillip GarsideSuperintendent Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club, Ft. Myers, FL

“Infinity Ag Solutions places science back into product performance. With over two years of treatments, their products provide the highest microorganism counts per applied acre and data suggests reduced nematode pressure.”

Greg KrieschDirector of Golf and Grounds, Heritage Palms Golf and Country Club, Ft. Myers, FL

“Over the past year we have trialed Infinity Ag Solutions live biologicals on our “tees” and troubled areas and after seeing success in a good percentage of these area, expanded the coverage into a few greens. After noticeable reduction in nematodes and an increase in root health and overall color, we increased the application and frequency of treatments into the fertigation system on our entire course.”

Mark JacobsSuperintendent, The Club at Shell Point, Ft. Myers, FL

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